This collection of garments is created for women who feel that the spirit of feminity and the practice of adornment are powerful forces to be showcased and celebrated in luxurious garments that evoke the past as well as the future. Along with inspiration from my love for history, costume, illustration, and literature, Structural Organic is a term I often think of, as I strive to capture the spirit and forms in nature: leaf veins, muscle groups, branches, arabesques, and especially trees. I use intricate seaming, hand embellishment, vintage techniques, hardware, and the juxtaposition of diaphanous and strong natural fabrics to pay homage to the ancient and yet continuously new world around us. With this collection of separates, coats and dresses, I distill techniques from the detailed process of my custom design work, into this collection of artisanal ready-to-wear pieces to create garments as intricate as the women who wear them.
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