Yukako Sorai

Santa Barbara, CA

2017 Excellence in Fiber Art

The magic confluence of colors and forms create my textile art. Such works condense multiple layers of colors and manifest a continuous epiphany of textile bodies, which scoop out organic patterns and shapes. Natural mirabilia and uncanny forms inhabit these fibers, which become receptacle of the fabulous. Felt transforms into sculptures, which emanate a permanent attractive power. This art work symbolizes the movement of the matter that crystallizes and became transfigured into a myriad of fractals. Every cell is the result of multiple layers of bi-colored felt that cling together and expand infinitely. The movement of these felt cells creates an unstoppable cosmic energy. Limit overcoming, rhizome-like vegetal processes, and formations of natural concretions are some of the images that inspired this art work. To make these works I adopt a technique base on the overlapping of wool fibers and silk textiles, which I transform into solid felt and cut during the last stage of creation.
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