Nancy Middlebrook

Philadelphia, PA

Color is what delights and inspires me. Color is what I see first and foremost as I move through the world. My weavings most often begin with a color palette based on place (for example, brick reds and sidewalk greys of a cityscape or the chilled blues of Alaskan glaciers); the design follows. Since childhood I’ve been knitting, crocheting and sewing. I’ve always enjoyed working with fiber and making things with my hands. When I started weaving more than twenty years ago, it was like falling in love, obvious, a homecoming. Doubleweave—cloth with two distinct layers of fabric—is the weave structure I use to create my images. It has fascinated me since I learned to weave because it suits my imagination, allowing precise and subtle variations of perspective and color within the orderly framework of the loom. I'm excited to see the colors of yarn when they come out of the dye pot and to see an image develop once the yarn is on the loom.
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