Deborah Falls

Hartland, VT

The combination of the natural fibers of the hand-woven dupione silk and the fiber reactive silk dyes that I apply to the silk produce a rich and vibrant color and texture that is reflective of the nature of my subjects. In my process I use both an airbrush and traditional dry brush. Self-taught in textiles and using an original process, I discovered the airbrush when living in Southern California where it was used for everything. I was intrigued with the lightness paint could be applied to the surface of the silk, as though it could breathe. With the dry brushes, I work to create shade and light and detail to give life to the piece. In my process, I have eliminated the resist line. I steam the pieces and then repeat the process of layering colors and steaming until I have reached the depth of color and detail needed. Through the streaming process, the dyes bond into the silk fibers enhancing the luster of the silk as opposed to coating them with an acrylic or oil.
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