Allegra Brelsford

New York, NY

As art, the graphic nature of quilt design provides a contemporary look to an ages-old technique, making today’s quilt relevant, recognizable, and accessible. My observation is that quilts appeal to everyone; we are compelled to get close and touch. Quilts add dramatic interest to a space, along with genuine and wholesome comfort. One of my motives is for quilt making to gain its place as art in the public eye. My interest has always been color and value, and lately I have been making fabric by sewing strips, cutting them crosswise, and composing with the resulting shapes and lines. My pieces are 100% cotton, with occasional use of synthetics for affect or utility. I am working in a series called Rising. I am interested in what humanity creates and builds, how that reaches up and out, and what comes back in response. In addition, my Motif quilts have been gaining popularity as a terrific way to enhance the design and color in a domestic space.
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