Baltimore, MD

Margo Csipo

Selected Work

About Margo Csipo

Stories build many of the lessons we learn in our lifetimes and as a queer artist, I am fascinated with the voids between these anecdotes: narratives about The Unknown. Society often neglects stories for those of us outside of the norm, so I craft tales that seek the answers to questions the culture I grew up in failed to supply me. Frequently, my jewelry and illustration ponders solitude, both its beauty and sadness. My queerness- and often the queer experience in general, can be very isolating and lonely. However, the reality I craft is not a tragic one, and my narratives can reach resolutions of unity, closeness, and tenderness- affirmations of my own reality. The artwork asks the viewers to question the deliberate obscurity of a repoussed face behind a piece of mother of pearl, or the detailed backside of a brooch. Hidden aspects of my jewelry are devices for a viewer’s deeper exploration, an invitation to join me in seeking the unknowns within ourselves.