Bainbridge Island, WA

Karin Luvaas

Selected Work

About Karin Luvaas

The focus of all my pieces, gemstones in their endless varieties are a constant source of inspiration and a driving force behind my work. The journey of creating the jewelry is just as important as the finished product. Whether I am carving wax, casting, designing 3D CAD models, cutting and polishing stones, or fabricating jewelry pieces, I am always most delighted when learning and discovering something new. Complicated designs push my creativity and improve my skill set. Learning new ways to improve the process inspires me to develop better habits and better jewelry. Color and texture also move me. I graduated with a fine arts degree in painting and sculpture before discovering my love for jewelry making. To me, jewelry making feels like I am painting with gemstones. All mine-to-market gemstones featured in my jewelry are traceable and conflict free and I only work with 100% recycled precious metals.