Brunswick, ME

Lisa Evans

Selected Work

About Lisa Evans

My practice is an extension of my days as a Landscape Architect, those aesthetics are more present in my work today than ever before. Working with porcelain and natural found elements, I pursue their inherent qualities and how they reveal themselves in the kiln. Porcelain, thrown and altered on the wheel is my primary medium. For me it is a beautifully pure palette which I find extremely responsive allowing a very personal connection through my own call and response throwing technique. It also is the perfect medium to which I can add found elements or inclusions, primarily iron, that reveals itself more fully and organically in the firing process. When I sit down at my wheel I abandon the idea of the perfect pot. This call and response throwing technique pushes the boundaries between what the clay will withstand and my ability to stay in control.  Many pieces are lost in the process but what survives has an ephemeral beauty that I find very soulful and gratifying. My work exhibits a simplicity and depth that keeps it relevant and engaging.