Highlands, NC

Deneece Harrell

Selected Work

About Deneece Harrell

Conversations of beauty and resilience in sculptural porcelain, gold leaf, and kintsugi vocabulary explore ideas of identity, worth and purpose. Vessels are layered expressions of brokenness and restoration in torn, marred, irregular organic forms. Disappointment and joy meet in fragmented, disjointed pieces reflecting unexpected circumstances of life, shaping us. We respond in questioning, searching for who we are, who we are becoming, wrestling with purpose. The complex personal and interpersonal connections speaking in clay surface, capturing responses, documenting consequences.  Layered experiences in seemingly isolated ways move through time, joining together the unexpected and uncontrolled with predictable and intentional- juxtaposition and tension creating the story of our lives, a vessel. Learning we are seen, known, loved, learning to love ourselves, others, discovering a shared language of brokenness, restoration, compassion, and hope. Shaped by beauty in the hands of Love.