Hobart, WI

Daniela Kouzov

Selected Work

About Daniela Kouzov

Clay is a magnificent medium to work with. It constantly challenges my creativity, knowledge, and skills. It pushes my boundaries and makes me go forward, makes me want to discover and experience more and more.Life is a constant change and my ceramic art pieces represent this change. Clay allows me to create art that possesses dynamic, motion, and direction. With every piece I am trying to create a movement. There is a surprise at every angle and no side is the same.In my work I like to implement nature. Leaves, flower-like elements, clean organic forms. I would like my art pieces to carry a strong reminder how important and relevant nature is and how dependent we are on it.

I will be at the in-person show. If you cannot make it to the show, I can be reached at danielakouzovceramics@gmail.com or at 920-562-6678.