Kate Tremel

Ann Arbor, MI

My porcelain pieces are made using a pre-Colombian technique that I learned as an anthropology student in Peru. Beginning with a leather hard form, I slowly thin and give the clay volume by beating the exterior with a wooden paddle against a round stone held on the inside of the pot. In the pierced series, I cut holes with a tapered tool and then go back with an exacto knife to shape them individually when the porcelain is nearly dry. I find inspiration in natural forms as well as archetypal vessel volumes. I am comforted by my connection to the long history of makers in clay where the fundamental processes have changed very little. I endeavor to create fresh interpretations of functional pots and to bring a bit of joy to the lives of their users.
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Virtual shopping appointments can be reserved throughout the show on my website. In addition, please feel free to contact me with questions by phone or text at 734-709-4899. I can answer questions or give you a closer look at the work. I will also be taking orders for holiday gifts, gift certificates, and special commissions.

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