Rob Sieminski

Phillips, ME

These are wood fired, handmade and sculpted clay, heavily textured in a variety of ways. The pieces are then encrusted with wood ash, both before and during the firing, giving them their unique coloring. This combination creates objects with an ancient, possibly unearthed surface, as if removed from the forest floor or ripped from a volcanic rift. The feldspar chips, kyanite, sand and iron compounds added to the clay reveal the power and processes of earth, fire and ash when exposed to high heat. The goal is for the process to leave an object seemingly unmade by a person... something to be discovered or from walking along the beach or strolling through the woods. It is energy that I'm seeking and some magic... hoping someday that the pieces will have enough energy to make a Vermont dowser's plumb-bob dance. do not be fooled by their raw rustic took 30 years of study and learning to produce these pieces and develop the craftsmanship and skill to achieve them...
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