Bryan Hopkins

Buffalo, NY

I am interested in ideas of structure, architecture, containment, and permanence. My work takes those interests and applies them to porcelain vessels, adding to the continuum of expressive ceramic containers. Porcelain is my drug of choice. It satisfies and frustrates and I am fully addicted. My interest in porcelain is its translucence and color, and I push the clay as far as it will go, firing to a very high temperature to obtain the whitest result possible. Porcelain is associated with the upper class, and is seen as fragile and pure. My use of industrial textures and loose style of construction questions those assumptions. The surfaces and designs bring my working class roots to porcelain vessels. My urban environment, artists Gordon Matta Clark and DeChirico and Serra, Modernist architecture (earlier I.M Pei and Louis Kahn), backyard forts, model cars, 19th century European porcelain, Song Dynasty porcelain, and Modernism all inform and affect the work.
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