Seattle, WA

Barbara Osborne

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About Barbara Osborne

My art is founded on a deep respect for the materials I use. A pine tree can be a hundred feet tall, rocks are millions of years old. Antlers and shells have distinct shapes and colors. All of them have stories: how they were formed, how they got their color and shape; I represent the materials as well as I can. I prepare pine needles and slice stones, harness abalone shells and shape deer antlers, collect seed pods and bend wire coat hangers, using them all to form my vessels. I use both traditional and invented coiling techniques, find inspiration in Yoruba and Senufu masks, Japanese Art Deco, the Seattle skyline, random tree branches, stories from Greek mythology, contemporary essay writer Ursula LeGuin, and poet Lucille Clifton.  My process is a combination of lapidary and sculptural work, art and engineering. What interests me most is finding a way to construct what I have imagined.