The Woodwork of James Pearce – All Geared Up

Upon first look, one might think you’re seeing manufactured wood pieces, screws, and gears all put together to form furniture. But look again. Take it all in. With James Pearce’s woodwork, he actually designs, creates, forms, shapes, and cuts every single piece of wood making up his unique and interactive furniture. That means that if you see an oversized “woodscrew”, James has created it. From scratch.

Phil Gautreau

Brooklyn, NY

Contemporary wood furnishings and accessories made with highly figured and visually unique wood draped over clean designs. Specialty in hand-turned wood vessels and artisan wood serving boards made from locally-sourced, reclaimed wood. Design choices are sophisticated and organic with an aim to create one-of-a-kind artistic and functional pieces. All work proudly produced in Brooklyn.

Joe Graci

Marquette, MI

I create carved wood panels and objects made from sawmill waste with both hand and power tools. The wood is often worked green then allowed to warp and crack as it dries. I paint or burn the surface then sand back to emphasize tool marks. The lines and textures carved in the wood are abstractions from the natural environment. I primarily work within squares, rectangles and grids; exploring relationships between the organic carving and the machined lines.

Robert Wilhelm

Santa Fe, NM

My work strives to help people recognize the artistic value inherent in ordinary objects typically associated only with a functional purpose. By experimenting with form, pattern, and surface manipulation, I hope to surprise people with a sophisticated yet playful approach to making every day functional objects: bowls, vases, peppermills, etc. A primary goal of my work has always been to force people to reevaluate their assumptions about the intrinsic artistic value of commonplace items.

Holly Tornheim

Nevada City, CA

All my pieces are carvings created using both power and hand tools. I utilize solid pieces of wood in their natural color in the designs.

Keunho Park

Philadelphia, PA

I am an artist who works with visual images; sound, sculptural material to create 3D animated forms, functional object, furniture, and musical instrument. My work is often about creating sculptural object inspired by characteristic of the people I know, gesture of various creatures and life forms and narratives based on my love of music. I like to use wood as the main sculptural material and emphasize the beauty of it. I also enjoy using the innate qualities of wood as a natural organism and exploring innovative ways with it to create forms that are humanly intuitive.

Steve Noggle

Morganton, NC

A lifelong love of wood and trees led to training as a forester, a career in the furniture industry and finally to woodturning. Uncloaking the beauty of the wood grain and forming a shape worthy of the tree it comes from are the goals for each piece created. The hardwoods I use are both local and exotic, straight grained and figured. All my work is lathe-turned using local domestic hardwoods. Favorite local woods include maple, cherry and walnut. The choices I make while developing the shape of each piece come from the patterns revealed inside the wood itself, along with the form that flows from carving.

Michael Mode

New Haven, VT

Using a wide palette of woods for color and grain, I create sculptures, bowls and lidded vessels with lamination derived surface designs and shapes inspired by architecture, the natural world and the beauty of wood. Aside from cutting and machining wood prior to lamination, all shaping and forming of the work occurs on the lathe, utilizing an array of techniques accumulated over the last 42 years.

John Mascoll

Safety Harbor, FL

My works explore the seemingly infinite variety of shapes and forms that allow the natural beauty of the wood to be reflected aesthetically in the vessels I create. I discovered, however, that the natural beauty of the wood represented only one component of creative expression and was not the only criterion upon which I could base my work. The works I create are one-of-a-kind, hollow-formed lidded vessels with an emphasis on form and balance (design). All works are created utilizing a lathe and various specialty hand tools. The surface each vessel is carefully coated with either a high quality lacquer or an automotive clear coat with a built-in UV inhibitor.

Ray Jones

Asheville, NC

I love wood and am fascinated by the many varieties available in the world. My boxes are made entirely of wood, including the hinges, fasteners and drawer slides. I like to explore the intersections of various geometric shapes, while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to be the main focus. Wood is a very touchable medium, and my work is made to appeal as much to the sense of touch as it does to sight.


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