Joseph & Georgia Pozycinski

Sparta, MO

We use glass and bronze detail to express the beauty and energy of the natural world. In most of our pieces, cast glass is combined with investment cast and fabricated bronze. The transparency and color of glass contrasts with the strength and detail of the bronze.

Jayoung Yoon

Beacon, NY

My work draws upon the mind-matter phenomenon, exploring our memory, perception and bodily sensations. The primary medium in my work is human hair, a material that is intimately corporeal, tactile, and focuses the viewer's attention on the body. Also, since hair doesn't decay until long after death, it is an especially appropriate symbol of remembrance.

Denny Wainscott

Frankfort, IN

To show my love of nature and art, I enjoy sharing how to raise, harvest and choose gourds to become creations of art. By sharing the history of gourds I can show their usefulness and beauty seen by people from the past and present. I begin my piece of art by drawing the design on each gourd with a pencil, then I wood burn, carve, stain and inlay turquoise, lapis, malachite, abalone and mother of pearl. With each piece I create and name, I share the story I see in each one of a kind piece of my gourd art.

Bob McNally

Rockaway, NJ

These are unique handmade instruments of my own invention. They are not traditional designs. They are designed to provide new musical functions and new sounds that are not available with traditional instruments, and to bring more people into making their own music, especially non-players. My intention is to appeal to the eye as well as the ear.

Amy Lyons

New Providence, NJ

My work is propelled by my twin fascination with metal and glass, and the way they combine to create something altogether new. Through the contrast between these materials I try to capture a tension and balance: the transparent fragility of glass, the strength and subtlety of the matt surface of the metal. Plique a Jour, one of the enameling techniques I use, is rich in history and possesses an intrinsic grace.

Zachary Jonas

Wilmot, NH

I make bespoke knives with outstanding aesthetic and functional qualities. I employ the finest materials available and perform all aspects of the work by hand, including the formation of complex patterns in the blade itself through manipulation of the steel at temperatures exceeding two thousand degrees. I am inspired by the evolution and ubiquity of the blade throughout time, and compelled by the elemental demands of fire, dust, smoke, and the alchemy of steel.

Todd Fox

Orlando, FL

My work is derived from my personal study of African and Caribbean cultures. The work is narrative, depicting ethereal entities and presenting allegorical inclusions. These interpretations express and share journeys of past and present and tell universal stories of love, joy, hope, sorrow and discovery.

Kathleen Dustin


Traveling the world informs these purses made of colored polymer that has been intricately hand textured. The addition of alternative natural materials like boars hair, wood, and semi-precious beads and to my reinterpretation of the ethnic tribal crafts I have seen and collected.

Lisa & Scott Cylinder

Brunswick, ME

Our influences are varied and vast; Modern Art, Scientific phenomena, 20th Century artifacts and Film play upon our ideas and how we manifest them into objects. The common thread throughout our work has been a hunger to explore, utilize and manipulate a multitude of materials.

Adam Crowell

Bonneau, SC

Teachers said it over and over when I pounded on desks, lockers, books: That's not a drum. Years later at Savannah College of Art and Design, my vocal coach caught me tapping out a beat in class and handed me his djembe. Another student who worked at a techno club recruited me to play, but I still didn't own an actual drums so I took the professor's djembe to the job. After that I started collecting percussion instruments and eventually started making my own. Using a piano, I tune hard wood by making it vibrate in the correct frequency to create the notes of a scale and finish the drums with natural oils.


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