Donna D’Aquino

Loveland, CO

Based in line and the act of drawing, my work is entirely hand fabricated using various types of metal wire such as sterling silver, brass, steel and 18ky gold. It is inspired by interior and exterior skeletal structures found in architecture. I use both powder coating and plastic-dip to add a pop of color to the pieces.

Ken Loeber & Dona Look

Algoma, WI

Sterling silver and 18K gold are forged and fabricated to create thoughtfully designed and uniquely textured necklaces, bracelets, pins and earrings.

Lisa & Scott Cylinder

Brunswick, ME

We began collaborating in 1988 and since then have developed a wonderful exchange and interplay of ideas, concepts and techniques. Our influences are varied and vast; Modern Art, Scientific phenomena, 20th Century artifacts and Film play upon our ideas and how we manifest them into objects. The common thread throughout our work has been a hunger to explore, utilize and manipulate a multitude of materials.

Geoffrey Giles

Ashville, NC

My jewelry is made from precious metals, primarily 18K gold and silver, as well as precious gemstones. I hand fabricate each element of every piece using a variety of goldsmithing techniques. My jewelry exemplifies a minimalist aesthetic; a combination of bold geometric forms, clean lines, attention to surface detail, and an exploration of light play across various textured surfaces.

Agnieszka Winograd

Forestburgh, NY

As a self-taught jewelry maker, all my work is one-of-a-kind. Starting with silver and cabochon stones, I work with high end gold and faceted stones. Each piece is uniquely designed and executed. Incorporated with each design are different gages of wire and sheets of gold with carefully selected stones which gives each piece the own unique character.

Genevieve Williamson

New Freedom, PA

I see my work as a visual conversation about contrast and relationship in which asymmetry, abstraction and repetition play important roles. My process is rarely a straight line from concept to completion and I welcome detours when new ideas arise in the midst of making. Wearable art itself is personal and therefore takes the idea of relationship a step further. The art viewer becomes the art wearer and the setting is not a wall, but the body.

Stacey Lee Webber

Philadelphia, PA

As a contemporary artist, Stacey cherishes working with found materials whose history is physically evident. Her work is often described as meticulous, pushing the boundaries of everyday recognizable objects to the point of unidentifiable. Through material, she strives to make artwork that interests a broad range of viewers and challenges their preconceived notions of the objects that surround them.

Kiwon Wang

New York, NY

My work is based on the theme east meets west. Paper meets silver; throwaway meets precious. I explore all these encounters through a provocative combination of material and form: using pearls and newspaper, adding gold and diamonds, to create new questions about the role of jewelry in the twenty first century. I test eastern traditional boundaries and western modern boundaries in the realm of objects that adorn the body through contrast, tension, absence and presence as well as finding a new harmony.

Sarah Tector

Raleigh, NC

My aesthetic when designing over the years is to approach jewelry as small scale sculpture. I create clean, geometric, and architecturally influenced pieces in sterling silver, gold filled, cast bronze, powder coating, and other mixed materials. These are mainly one-of-a-kind, limited edition, and production pieces of jewelry and most recently collaborations, allowing me to push myself out of my creative comfort zone and the opportunity and challenge of artistic evolution.

Suneera Swarup and Ana Swarup

Los Angeles, CA

In 2017, this mother-daughter design team launched .925SUNEERA. A culmination of new and old, elegant and edgy, the collection is a mix of bold and modern pieces designed for everyday wear. Curated for men and women, the design and creation process follows a philosophy to create jewelry for everyday elegance. Experimenting with sterling silver and 14k gold, they have created signature textures and finishes. The craftsmanship of each piece effortlessly blends modern silhouettes with old world manufacturing.


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