Welcoming Artists From Israel to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show – Part Two

In our last blog we introduced the first round of artists from Israel that are part of our Guest Artist Program at this year’s Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. In this week’s blog, meet the second half of this amazing grouping of talented artists, traveling thousands of miles to join with 195 artists from across the United States.

Welcoming Artists From Israel to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show - Part One

There are many aspects of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show that make it a “must-see” event to attend. The fact that the Show is  the largest single fundraiser for the museum is a start. Held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center the second weekend in November, 195 artists from throughout the United States plus 23 guest artists from Israel will participate.

Gily Ilan


From my earliest childhood memories, I recall my hands always busy with one craft or another. Over the years, I developed a passion and endless curiosity for the world of materials and honed my work to explore the limits and possibilities of textiles and ceramics.

Yasmin Vinograd

Israel // Jewelry

At every new dive, I am excited by the unique richness of the underwater world. The marine spring is an endless source of inspiration for my series BLŪMING. BLŪMING is a journey between the inner world and the underwater wonders. It connects my passion for diving and art jewelry. Jewelry is my way to express the underwater impressions, through traditional handicraft skills and experimental materials.

Sharon Vaizer

Israel // Jewelry

I get the endless inspiration for my work from nature, the hidden worlds of land and sea. My works resonate with the influence of nature's amorphous forms, which are born from a multitude of different materials that coalesce into one single whole. I try to capture the wondrous beauty of nature in every single piece I create. In exchange for said inspiration, many pieces and projects are created using recycled materials.

Sara Shahak

Israel // Jewelry

I have always admired the movement and pattern of wires in nature and have been fascinated by the mystery behind and beyond old pieces of lace. Plant organs and vines tendrils inspire me while I shape, form, bend, crimp, fold, solder, weave and knit the metal wires into pieces of jewelry. My designs appear simple and understated but pack an everlasting visual impact.

Inbar Shahak

Israel // Jewelry

As a jewelry designer with a background as a textile designer, I take my inspiration from ancient lace and crochet patterns and combine them with modern materials to achieve a new interpretation. Some textiles are more expensive than gold and yet we tend to think of them as something that any child can easily tear apart. Similar to a precious metal ring that we will inherit, I'm interested about the perception of a textile as a timeless jewel.

Yael Rozen

Israel // Leather

Each Kisim product is firmly located on the conceptual axis ranging between neat, clear-cut, elegant design and traditional leather craftsmanship. The result is a range of innovative products, communicating contemporary femininity and a unique aesthetic statement; both flowing and fitted, a distinctive outline that has become the calling card of Kisim. 

Itay Noy

Israel // Jewelry

I’m an independent timepiece maker – one of a few dozen throughout the world. Since 2000 I have been creating limited-edition hand-crafted watches, one new collection every year. I make about 150 pieces a year, all in my own original designs, using components & movements of the highest quality integrated with in-house dynamic dials, modules and complications.

Tzachi Nevo

Israel // Wood

The world of familiar images are Nevo's playground where he can disassemble and reconstruct forms to create wall pieces by combining different types of wood. The sources of inspiration for the works he creates are based on different design languages such as mid-century modern, steampunk and cubism. His latest Modern African collection is inspired by the great tradition of the African masks and the inherent lack of realism in them.


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