Scott Pernicka

Ballston Spa, NY

I’ve always had an interest in sculpture, painting and science with an eagerness to rise to a difficult challenge and succeed with beautiful color. Handcrafted artisan glass was the answer to my artistic inquiries and I have been sculpting glass into works of art since 1998. What has gained me the most notoriety, are vortex marbles. These perfectly round spheres with spirals of color play with optics and physics to create visual depths that transcend the physicality of the piece itself.

John Geci

Bakersville, NC

Glass is often described as a super-cooled liquid. I prefer to think of it as static motion. I design pieces that retain the organic character of their molten state. Using primarily transparent colors and a few well-placed stripes, my pieces highlight the material's transparency, fluidity and potential for brilliant coloration. Rather than making works that demand to be center stage, I envision my pieces as quiet assistants; subtly enhancing the environments they are placed in.

Ed Branson

Ashfield, MA

Trust the glass, have fun, accept mistakes, develop new techniques, study nature and search for beautiful forms and colors inherent in the personality of glass.

Aaron & Heather Baigelman

Chicago, IL

We create bespoke pieces, elegant art series and functional glassware inspired by bright colors and clean lines. We collaborate on glass art to create an original series every season.

Thomas Spake - Glass Like No Other

The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show has over a dozen different categories of fine craft represented among its 195 exhibitors. This week’s blog features the art of glassblowing, with last year’s prizewinner for Excellence in Glass, Thomas Spake.

Mark Sudduth

Cleveland Heights, OH

There is a quality in glass that is generated by the glass itself. Those qualities are elusive, intriguing and seductive. I make them as much a part of my work as possible. I work with thick glass because it exhibits qualities which interest me – depth, transparency, reflection and refraction. My attention to strong form is a very important factor in my work. This thought coupled with the cold work to cut, polish, engrave, highlight surfaces using lathes, merkers, dynafiles and flexible shafts incorporating stone and diamond wheels and other various tools evident in the canted forms and anklets, gives my work a unique presence.

Thomas Spake

Chattnaooga, TN

2018 Excellence in Glass

I find glass to be a very impressionable material, so it has the ability to be transparent, translucent or opaque, giving it the capacity to mimic the world around us; water, clouds, rock, forests, mountains. My current work is an exploration of texture and pattern. By using unconventional techniques along with the inherent chemistry of the metal oxides that formulate the colored glass, I am able to create very complex patterns that imitate natural objects or landscapes. My simple forms and shapes are intended to act as a canvas for the glasscapes to inhabit.

Kenny Pieper

Burnsville, NC

My work is a celebration of traditional techniques, opulent colors and classical forms.

Pavel Novak

Collingswood, NJ

I was born and raised in the Czech Republic, a country with a long tradition of beautiful glass made with impeccable craftsmanship. I make my body of work from the highest grade of optical glass which I grind, polish, laminate, color, and sand blast. Every piece is one of a kind, and is the result of hours of labor. My work is inspired by clean geometric shapes. My pieces feature bold colors and crisp lines that optically reflect on themselves and refract light creating kaleidoscopic results. I ultimately seek a balance of symmetry and asymmetry, shape and color.

J. David Norton

Akron, OH

My fused glass landscapes are composed of clear sheet glass, colored crushed glass (frit), and torch-formed strings of glass. They are all glass, no paint! They are composed of multiple layers to form a one inch thick slab of glass. They undergo a minimum of 12 kiln firings, to create a 3D effect. They are backlighted with LED light panels. My intention in glass is to create images that are more about emotion than reality. I want the viewer to cross a threshold and enter a place of respite, escaping reality for a moment.


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