Thomas Spake

Chattanooga, TN

To me, glass is transparent, translucent or opaque, giving it the capacity to mimic the world around us; water, clouds, rock, forests, mountains. By using unconventional techniques along with the inherent chemistry of the metal oxides that formulate the colored glass, I am able to create very complex patterns that imitate natural objects or landscapes. My simple forms and shapes are intended to act as a canvas for the glass scapes to inhabit.

Michael Schunke & Josie Gluck

West Grove, PA

Together, we design and create contemporary hand-blown glass designs and one-of-a-kind art objects. With an emphasis on refinement, our collaborative designs celebrate brilliant color combinations, meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful approaches to pattern and form.

Pavel Novak

Collingswood, NJ

I make my body of work from the highest grade of optical glass which I grind, polish, laminate, color, and sand blast. Every piece is one of a kind, and is the result of hours of labor. My work is inspired by clean geometric shapes. My work features bold colors and crisp lines that optically reflect on themselves and refract light creating kaleidoscopic results. I ultimately seek a balance of symmetry and asymmetry, shape and color.

Michael Mikula

Cleveland, OH

Architectural details, the built environment and restless energy of cities and their cultural variations and traditions point the way for this body of work in blown glass. As a designer-craftsman, I'm particularly drawn to the optimistic quality that these traditions reflect. This serves as my cue for reinterpreting them in glass. I design and hand build multi-part graphite molds as a tool to shape the glass in a positive/negative interplay.

Mark Lewanski

Portland, MI

Woven glass is an enigma, a contradiction, a complex and beautiful mystery. It challenges the observer in his perceptions of material properties. It is at once soft like a delicate fabric and cold, vitreous and eternal. I weave with glass. It's not an illusion, it is truly woven. My work is the result of skilled glass cutting, careful color selection, and precisely controlled kiln firing.

Melanie Leppla

Waitsfield, VT

This work uses rock forms as theme elements in the exploration of balance. I consider the effects of form, weight, color, pattern, opacity and translucency. I sometimes contrast rock forms with open vessel forms. I strive to create compositions that capture a moment in time when the dynamics of tension and gravity are in balance. Each piece is constructed of blown and solid glass worked and joined hot on the pipe, many are etched.

Robin Kittleson

Geneva, IL

Kiln formed glass with a focus on the functional. Made from hand pulled murrini, a traditional glass technique, reinterpreted in a modern context.

Claire Kelly

Pawtucket, RI

2019 Excellence in Glass

The themes of my glass sculptures revolve around the psychological and physical relationships we have with animals and their larger connection to our environment. These colorful worlds allow me to explore concepts of perception, liminality, and memory. My sculptures tell a story about the fragility and conservation of these small worlds as well as describing their role in a grander scheme. My glass landscapes and animals are advocates for the precious worlds they represent.

Fred Kaemmer

St. Paul, MN

I use conventional glass materials in unconventional ways to decorate the interior surfaces of handblown glass vessels. This includes tumbling glass cane inside vessels to create fused nests of glass and applying silver and copper leaf by hand while the piece is still hot and on the punty to the interior surface. Fusing the metal leaf to the interior in this fashion allows the metals and original colors of the vessel to interact and create new colors and patterns. It is this balance between serendipity and control that is at the core of my work and motivates me to try new things.

Andrew Iannazzi

Cambridge, MA

I have been honing my skills for the past ten plus years and have continually thought of how to blend both traditional glass working techniques with modern design and functionality. With these thoughts in mind I draw inspiration from both Italian and Scandinavian designers and glass houses from the last century. Ultimately I create new forms, shapes, line qualities, and textures that seek to embody the same timeless qualities in a new world.


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