At the Center: Masters of American Craft with Yvonne Pacanovsky Bobrowicz

In a three-part series, we are introducing you to the three artists featured in “At the Center: Masters of American Craft” installation at the Philadelphia Museum of Art now through July 2018.

The curator of this installation and the author of this piece is Elisabeth Agro, the Nancy M. McNeil Curator of American Modern and Contemporary Craft and Decorative Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Coffee With Aubrie Costello

Installation and silk graffiti artist Aubrie Costello uses words to create art that moves: both physically and emotionally. Her designs are inspired by the people of Philadelphia and the words they use in their everyday lives. Here is her story.

Fine, Functional, and Fun Fiber – From Place Settings to Framed Art

(Above by Susan Lenz)

Decorative fiber is an art all unto itself. Whether it’s the weaving of fabric, embroidery and melting techniques, or collages of color in paper fibers, these artists explore the dimensional realm of their craft to the delight of all who step into their booths.




Deborah Falls

Belfast, ME

In my work I focus on the simplicity of line, form and color. I choose handwoven silks for their variation in texture that are enhanced by the dyes. I work with real specimens in order to give my own sense of the character and essence of my subject. My technique involves methods that I draw from my printmaking and drawing experience as well as from my textile design experience.

Leanne Boudreau

Westminster, MA

My work focuses on texture, color, and woven pattern. Beginning with yarn made from natural fibers, each strand is threaded onto my vintage handloom. Individually handwoven and hand finished, every piece is painstakingly handcrafted from start to finish and is made to last a lifetime. I focus on the art of the everyday, on pieces that can be used and loved. Each piece is individually woven on a vintage handloom, preshrunk, and hand finished. Products include tea towels, bath towels, table runners, placemats, napkins, pillows, and small accessories.

Erin Wilson


2019 Excellence in Fiber Art

What began as a natural connection to color and fabric has developed into a long-term study of the urban environment. These quilts are about cities; informed by architecture, geometry, and views out the window.

Carol Sobieniak

Boulder, CO

I believe the true nature of crafts to be beautifully made functional objects that are lived with daily. I incorporate a sense of minimalism to the design by making the least amount of gesture. This creates a vivid yet simple design which is enhanced by my use of color. The rugs are all hand tufted with a loop pile nap and made with studio dyed New Zealand wool. Dying the wool by hand produces a richness in depth of color with a custom palette. All rugs are one of a kind.

Leah Evans

Madison, WI

My quilted wall hangings consist of layers of the following techniques: applique, reverse applique, piecing, natural and synthetic dyeing, needle-felting, and a variety of embroidery stitches. There is a balance between hand and machine work. By using mostly second hand materials, the works are in keeping with the quilt tradition of recycling. The pieces are influenced by aerial photography, maps, and satellite imagery, but are not always based on specific places.

Dianne Nordt

Charles City, VA

I raise a flock of Merino sheep on my farm in Virginia. I use the wool to hand weave blankets in my home studio. I combine the naturally colored fleece, in shades of brown, gray and white, with accents of color which I hand-dye using plants, tree bark, and sawdust. I grow many of my own dye plants. Each blanket is numbered, dated and hemmed by hand.

Jorgelina Lopez

Baltimore, MD

I use embroidery as a medium to explore Egon Schiele drawing in a unique way. Fascinated with his art work, I use threads as a drawing line to translate his expression into a unique embroidery art. All my pieces are hand stitched.


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