Bryan Schultz

Kenosha, WI

Each buckle takes me months to design - I carve all of the original models out of wood and sculpt each piece until it feels right. I use a combination of steel, magnets, and puzzle-like precision to open and close the buckles. The design process merges engineering, sculpture and art to create a completely new type of belt. I invented and patented a way to latch a buckle that is fun to open and doesn’t damage the leather. My design uses a mechanical action to attach to an adjustable sizing stud that screws into the leather. I work with a local 70 year old tannery in the heart of Milwaukee to make all my hides and use only one solid, thick strap of leather for my belts. I visit the tannery often to learn about tanning techniques and put a lot of care into developing the color, texture, thickness, and feel of each hide. I hand-cut each leather strap and then size each belt to fit my customers.
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