Robin Cust

Stonington, ME

Working with a mixture of precious and non-precious materials I create works that exude a history. For me, a successful piece, in any medium, is one in which the impacting of material has many layers. The layers of process and technique become a metaphor for the ways in which we, as humans, are shaped and formed by the experiences in our own lives. This way of working and sensitivity to materials is important to me. It’s what breathes life into a piece and links the wearer to a meaningful story. The workmanship of rough held to a high standard of craftsmanship, and the dialogue of crude roughness paired with refined materials and elements as well as attention to detail, create a quiet time worn beauty. In part, this is achieved through a very direct way of working. My hand tools, often old and bearing flaws and blemishes, impart some of their own history and imperfection as they are employed in the making process.
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